23 College Students in South China Suffe

原创 st0012  2020-02-06 05:46 

According to Fuyang City, Anhui Province official report, 23 college students in Yingzhou District appeared to have symptoms of cyanosis, dizziness, and vomiting, as a result of food poisoning caused by nitrites. These 23 students were from Fuyang Normal College. The preliminary investigation indicated nitrites contaminated pickled food sold by a fast-food store located at the college. Currently, 22 students have been discharged and one still remains in the hospital for treatment. Additionally, Haidu News reported another nitrite poisoning incident occurred on the morning of March 20, in Fuqing City of Guangdong Province, resulting in 7 patients who remain in the hospital for further observation. Nitrite, 雷电竞 also known commonly as sodium nitrite (NaNO2), is easily mistaken as salt and 1号电竞 thus misused. An ingestion rate of 0.3 to 0.5 grams of sodium nitrite can cause poisoning and even death. Read the original Chinese article.

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